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Columbia River Fishing At It's Very Best

     "We catch Walleye, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Salmon and Smallmouth Bass here and everybody really loves the year 'round choices. When it comes right down to it, I have a hard time picking a favorite because it depends on the conditions and the time of year. It's really nice to be in an area that always offers some sort of great fishing. When the Salmon get special closures or Sturgeon limits are reduced we still can offer some of the finest Walleye, Bass and Steelhead fishing you'll find anywhere!"
Your Guide, Touché

     This area is considered the premier Walleye fishing area of the Northwest. This is where the big ones and the state records are caught. Anyone who fishes this area for Walleye knows that there are only a few "good" Walleye fishing guides. Many list Walleye on their brochures but they will always try and talk you into fishing for something else.

Touché (photo above) with a Steelhead offers quality fishing trips on one of the best stretches of the Columbia River. He specializes in fishing for Steelhead, Sturgeon, Bass and Salmon and is recognized as one of the top Walleye fishing guides in the Northwest.
     Touché is considered by some to be the best there is at catching Walleye in this area. He is certainly one of the top 2 or 3 you'll find anywhere in the Northwest. Touché even makes his own Walleye fishing rigs. They were once a secret here but the word got around and now they are being offered for sale all over. There is more to catching these Walleye than just the right rig though and if you spend a day or two with Touché he will teach you the secrets he has learned in his several years of fishing for trophy Walleye in this area. If you want to purchase his lures CLICK HERE to see what they look like and to check out the options. If you really want to catch Walleye, call Fly By Nyte Fishing Guide Service today.

Walleye - Sturgeon - Steelhead - salmon  -  Bass
Touché can take you fishing for Walleye, Sturgeon, Over-Size Or Trophy Sturgeon And Keeper Sturgeon, Smallmouth Bass, Steelhead, Summerrun And Winterrun Steelhead And Chinook Salmon.  

A Typical Day With Touché

     Take exit 109 off I-84 at Rufus, OR/John Day Dam; meet at Bob’s Texas T-Bone restaurant at 6am sharp. We will have time for breakfast and order lunches at the same time from 5 different selections.

     Your vehicle will be left at my shop a half block away; we will be on the water by 7am and fish until 3pm, which is 8 hours of fishing with all gear and tackle supplied and three sets of rods are on the boat at all times so we can change species fished for at any time.

I will clean, fillet and vacuum pack your fish at the end of the day.
Sorry, no credit or debit cards accepted, cash or check only.
Fish the Columbia River!

Walleye Fishing

Walleye fishing on the Columbia River is famous for size of Walleye caught and for amount of fish that can be caught in a day. Fly By Nyte Fishing Guide Service offers some of the best Walleye fishing on the Columbia River you will find.

Steelhead Fishing

Steelhead fishing on the Columbia River just doesn't get any better than this.  Fly By Nyte Fishing Guide Service offers quality Steelhead fishing trips where there is lots of action fighting these hard fighting fish.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River with Fly By Nyte Fishing Guide Service Is always action packed and you can count on lots of fishing success. Fly By Nyte fishes for keeper Sturgeon, Trophy Sturgeon, over size Sturgeon and there is steady action plus amazing fights when trying to land Sturgeon on the Columbia River.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing on the Columbia River with Fly By Nyte Fishing Guide Service Is very good and is known world wide for huge returns of huge Salmon. Call Now and reserve a spot for a fun action packed day of Columbia River Salmon fishing and to discuss the best time of the year to fish for Salmon on the Columbia River ....

Bass & Crappie Fishing

Bass & Crappie fishing on the Columbia River is great year 'round. We catch Smallmouth Bass and some very large Crappie. There are large amounts of trophy Bass on the Columbia river and every year people come from all over the country to enter Bass fishing tournaments in this very popular area.

Walleye fishing Rig

By popular demand Touché now offers his very popular Walleye catching rig to the public. this has been one of the most successful walleye fishing rigs in the area and Touché has recently began offering different versions. Please call for current specials, quantities, color options and quantity discounts.

The Boat!

It's nice to catch fish and it's really nice to be comfortable and warm when you are waiting for the next bite. You will fish from a brand new jet 25' NW Jet boat in 2006 that’s heated and covered.
All fishing gear is provided, your fish will be cleaned, and fillets vacuum packed and put on ice for the trip home.
State and Coast Guard licensed.    Fully insured.

We are Fly by Nyte Guide Service but people also look for us under
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